Metal braces - Damon system

At Signature Orthodontics, we like to use the latest in orthodontic technology and techniques to get our patients results. That is why we use a brand of traditional metal braces that has a very innovative twist to it. Known as the Damon system, these metal braces use a clever slide mechanism to straighten your teeth. 

How do Damon metal braces work?

To understand how Damon braces work you first need to understand how metal braces work. If you are fitted with braces, a small bracket will be bonded onto the front surface of your teeth (except in the case of lingual braces when the bracket is bonded to the back surface). These brackets are connected via a thin metal wire known as an archwire. Elastic bands are then used to help apply pressure to the wire to straighten your teeth. 

The Damon system, however, uses a special kind of bracket known as a self-ligating bracket. These brackets work using a low friction system to move teeth more freely and easily into position. 

  • Metal braces
  • Metal braces
  • Metal braces

What are the benefits of Damon metal braces?

  • Greater efficiency of tooth movement
  • Fewer adjustment appointments
  • Longer intervals between visits
  • Greater comfort due to lower forces
  • More hygienic due to the slide mechanism
  • Some types of tooth movement may be more easily achieved (e.g. lateral expansion of the arch) 

Traditional metal braces

We also have traditional metal braces available. These are the ones that are often referred to as train tracks. These days, traditional metal braces have had something of an overhaul and are now made of high-grade stainless steel. They are much smaller in size, more comfortable to wear, and easier to look after. 

The benefits of modern fixed metal braces are:

  • Reliable and predictable
  • Efficient
  • Affordable and excellent value for money
  • Can treat the whole range of cases from mild to extremely complex
  • Average treatment time 9-18 months (for a moderate or severe case)
  • Popular with teens and young children as they can be “decorated” with colours

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