The treatment process

Treatment process

At Signature Orthodontics, we know your time is precious, but we also know you want the best result from your orthodontic treatment. So do we! That is why we have a very clear treatment process, outlined below, so you know what to expect when you embark on your journey to a new smile with us. 

Starting treatment

  • First visit: At this consultation we will listen to your concerns carefully. After a detailed clinical assessment of your face and teeth we will be in a position to discuss all the relevant treatment alternatives and the types of braces that are suitable for you. We can give you an idea of the length of treatment and the likely cost. A full written report will follow outlining all your options. If X-rays are required we can arrange these. 
  • Second visit: Accurate diagnostic records will be taken and analysed. Clinical photographs and impressions will help to refine your treatment plan. This will then be discussed in detail to ensure you are happy to proceed. In some cases, treatment may be started at this visit. 
  • Third visit: Your braces will be fitted and we will educate you thoroughly in how to care for your new braces. This procedure will take up to a maximum of 45 minutes and is quite comfortable. We will then arrange to see you at regular 6-8 weekly intervals.  

What happens during treatment?

While you are receiving orthodontic treatment with us, we will see you every 6-8 weeks to check on progress. The rest of the time you are responsible for looking after your appliance, and contacting us should you have any problems. 

What happens after treatment?

Once your braces or aligners have been removed, we will provide you with a fixed and a removable retainer. This appliance is perhaps the most important stage of your treatment process as it helps to keep your newly straightened teeth in position. We will instruct you on how to wear this retainer, and for the first twelve months you will need to wear it at night.