Fast treatment (6 months)

Braces used in fast teeth straightening treatment can correct the most visible teeth only, and do so in a discreet and comfortable manner. 

What are fast braces?

Fast teeth straightening treatment is a growing area within dentistry and generally means the whole treatment length is six months or less, start to finish. These treatments may also be called "6 month braces', '6 month smiles' or 'limited objective' treatments since not all of a patient's teeth are corrected.

These braces appeal to patients who want to improve the crowding and appearance of the front six upper and/or lower teeth (also called the “social six”.) These teeth are the most visible teeth when smiling. 

Fast teeth straightening treatment may be done in conjunction with your own dentist. It is often combined with limited orthodontic treatment, to straighten teeth, and some form of cosmetic enhancement with veneers or tooth coloured composite bonding. 

Fast teeth straightening treatment may include a sectional tooth coloured brace, a removable brace or a limited series of clear aligners. Signature Orthodontics' specialist orthodontist, Dr Preet Bhogal, currently mentors and guides many general dental practitioners on the appropriate use of these systems. 

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  • Fast braces
  • Fast braces

Who is fast teeth straightening treatment suitable for?

Fast teeth straightening treatment may be used for any patient, although it is mainly reserved for adults. As this treatment is equivalent to certain stages of comprehensive orthodontics, Dr Bhogal is available to expertly advise on the appropriateness of this form of treatment and is happy to treat in collaboration with your dentist. 

Equally, if you decide to opt for full treatment part of the way through your fast treatment, Dr Bhogal can easily accommodate this due to his advanced orthodontic skills and know-how. 

Fast teeth straightening treatment is appropriate for mild to moderate anterior crowding, to level and align, correct rotations and close small gaps. Appointment intervals are usually 4-6 weeks. 

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